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We develop custom mobile apps with User-friendly designs paired with optimized performance for both iOS and Android platforms. Let’s amplify your brand’s reach & visibility!

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Grow your business with mobile app development services

Want people to have access to your business, literally, at the tip of their fingertips? A well-built mobile application can help you reach there. We make your vision come true with apps that are easy to use & great for the sight by deeply analyzing user behavior.

Make your Brand Accessible & Scale Up with your own Mobile App

Let your brand become the talk of the town. Reach your target audience easily with a sturdy & trendy app.

Expand distribution

With over 1 Billion online shoppers globally, you can easily expand your business with a mobile app & reach consumers.

Increase Brand exposure

Over 90% of internet usage is via apps. Penetrate the market & get recognized by your potential customer base.

Build Engagement & Loyalty

Keep users coming back for more with regular push notifications via your app & provide them with updates directly.

Optimize tactics & strategies

Understand your customer to boost your business. Assess data & user behavior via apps to develop new strategies.

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App Innovators: Pushing The Boundaries Of Mobile Technology

We aim to seek solutions to match each client’s unique business goals. An app can become your brand’s identifier, so it’s crucial to pick the best service provider. Adapt in real-time to the ever-changing needs of your users and market with our professional app development services.

Choose the best technology

Find out just what your business needs to boost its digital presence as we deliver the latest technology & tools for you.

Develop an app from scratch

Bring your concepts to life and make them scaleable with our efficient app development service.

Optimize, integrate, or audit your app

Keep your mobile app updated. Edit and optimize your app to align it with the latest trends & technology.

Provide secure, stable app maintenance

Consistently maintain your app for improved performance as we keep an eye out for bugs, malfunctions & security breaches.

Check out the technologies we use to bring maximum value to your business

Mobile app development facilitates problem-solving & responding to users' needs by applying multiple technologies. Make your brand stand out with specifically catered solutions adjusted to your unique needs.

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We create groundbreaking applications that transform digital content interactions through AR and VR technology. Our AR applications seamlessly project objects onto your handheld devices, enhancing your digital experience like never before.

Enterprise chat

Take control of your business communication with our customized iOS/Android enterprise chat solutions. With secure cloud hosting, you can store and manage your data without involving third-party providers.

Enterprise Application

Accelerate your workplace digital transformation with our innovative connected mobility solutions. Our team develops tailor-made mobility solutions that align with your enterprise model and goals, enabling you to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Location Based Application

Maximize the power of location-based technology with our real-time location monitoring solutions. Our cutting-edge technology empowers your business to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Recent Case Studies

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Mintleaf Online School (MOS) provides a platform for learning child-rearing strategies ...

February 07,2023

Atsumari : Share and/or borrow other user’s ins...

This app was created in order to connect users who have an instrument that they want to...

January 26,2023

Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd. : Nepal's leading Airlines

With this app, users can easily book flights, manage reservations, and access important...

Join our process-driven operation & make your project a success

At EKbana, we believe in getting things done & delivered through a well-tested system including both parties that ensures a seamless workflow. An app represents your business, so building a secure & efficient application that can attract & retain user attention is key.

Project requirements

Identify the objective of your app & define its specific features and functionality.

Research & Evaluation

Describe the main functions and features including any integrations or external APIs.

Design & Layout Ideation

Create mockups and wireframes including the layout, color scheme, and branding elements.

Mobile App development

Integrate any external APIs or services, as well as the design and user experience.

App testing & debugging

Carry out the app's final quality assurance and test on multiple platforms & devices.

Mobile App deployment

Getting ready for deployment, creating the app's essential documentation

Boost your app’s performance with the latest technological advancements


Incorporating chatbots can enhance customer service by providing instant support within the app. They can also be used for feedback gathering, transaction assistance, and general support.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

By using AR and VR technologies, users can interact with digital content in an immersive manner. You could offer virtual tours of properties or use VR to simulate a work environment for employee training.

Cloud services

By integrating your app with cloud services, users can access and store data remotely, improving collaboration and scalability.


Adding blockchain technology can enhance security and enable users to conduct secure, decentralized transactions.

IoT devices

By integrating your app with IoT devices, users can remotely control and monitor their devices, making the app more convenient and functional.

Cloud computing

By utilizing cloud computing, you can improve the app's speed, scalability, and reliability, and enable real-time data syncing and collaboration across devices.

Implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By using AI and ML technologies, you can personalize user recommendations, automate repetitive tasks, and analyze user data to identify trends and patterns.

Incorporate augmented and virtual reality

By using AR and VR technologies, you can provide interactive and immersive content such as 3D models, virtual tours, and games, enhancing the user experience.

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