DevOps teams at EKbana have extensive experience managing the cloud Infrastructure and in-house data center.

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Grow your business with DevOps/Security services

By adopting DevOps principles, security experts can seamlessly integrate their processes and streamline service delivery, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and ensuring a superior customer experience.

Build trust & ensure security and regulatory compliance

Safety comes first. Keep your essentials secure from breaches with our software security services.

Prevent data leaks

Determine vulnerabilities and fix them to keep your data safe, secure, and secret.

Protect critical information

Robust security measures keep your data & information safe & preserve confidentiality.

Organization's stability and security

You can safeguard your privacy with powerful security measures designed by experts.

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Integrating Security Into The Development & Operations Process

We keep an eye out for any unruly mishaps by promptly integrating security measures to protect your product from malfunctions & unauthorized access.

Early Detection and Prevention of Vulnerabilities

Integrating security into the development process saves time and costs associated with the fixing vulnerabilities in later stages.

Improved Security Posture

Integrating security into the software development lifecycle ensures a more comprehensive and effective security posture & minimizes the risk of security breaches and data leaks.

Enhanced Compliance

Integrating security into the development process enables organizations to meet regulatory and compliance requirements more effectively.

Increased Trust and Customer Satisfaction

Organizations can increase customer satisfaction and improve their brand reputation by ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

Check out the technologies we use to bring maximum value to your business

DevOps services can deliver substantial business value by enhancing the efficiency, speed, and reliability of software development and delivery.

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Git facilitates seamless collaboration among developers by enabling version control, merging changes made by different contributors, and resolving conflicts that may arise. Widely adopted by developers and organizations worldwide, Git is a powerful open-source tool for managing the source code of software projects across multiple operating systems.


Jenkins automates a diverse range of tasks including building, testing, and deploying software packages, and can be integrated with other tools like Git and Maven for end-to-end automation. It offers a web-based interface for configuring and managing build jobs and monitoring the status of builds and deployments.


Docker streamlines application deployment and execution across various environments, improving consistency and efficiency in development and production, while simplifying debugging and testing.

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Join our process-driven operation & make your project a success

At EKbana, we believe in getting things done & delivered through a well-tested system including both parties that ensures a seamless workflow. Secure your project with the necessary professional measures.

Security policies and standards

Define and document the security policies.

Implement security controls

Implement the security controls and tools to protect the organization's data

Monitor and assess security

Monitor the security of the organization's systems and networks

Security testing and deployment

Security test, deployment, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline

Respond and mitigate security

Respond to and mitigate security incidents, including incident response planning

Improve the implementation

Review and improve security processes and practices to keep up with the latest threats

Build a cross-functional team

Assemble a team comprising members from development, operations, and other relevant departments, ensuring they are appropriately trained and motivated to implement and maintain your DevOps workflow. Clearly define roles and responsibilities to foster seamless collaboration.

Automate the build process

Leverage DevOps to automate building, testing, and deploying code, using tools like Jenkins. This speeds up software delivery while reducing errors.

Monitor and measure consistently

Critical to DevOps is monitoring production systems and applications. Measuring success via lead time for changes, mean time to recover, and change fail percentage helps identify areas for improvement and streamline processes.

Implement the workflow

Implement the DevOps workflow, encompassing continuous integration, testing, and deployment. This requires changes to development and operations processes as well as organizational culture.

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