An experience with Nepalese Enterprise on Digital Transformation


By EKbana on November 29, 2022

3m read
Digital transformation is the incorporation of computer-based digital technologies and tools in an organization to improve their entire process which ultimately improves their ability to compete in the future and interface with different third-party online applications.

After working for more than 3 years with one of the non-life insurance enterprise organizations in Nepal we have seen the challenges of enterprise application development in Nepal and on the same verge witnessed the organization's performance increment from employee productivity to its digital strategies to compete in the market. 

Working closely with our client from requirement analysis to design, design to development, development to deployment, and finally training and continuous monitoring and maintenance. This has been a real case study on how an organization's department functions and its critical challenges for inter-department operations. We have designed and got approval from executive bodies to flow the data from one department to another and develop fully integrated modules whenever it is needed. In a nutshell, we have developed CRM, Underwriting, Reinsurance, Accounting, Claims, and Reporting modules.

Unlike globally in the Digital Transformation domain which is commonly focused on end customer experience for sales and revenues, we first developed ERP software to increase individual productivity in daily operations for which we build not just the software we had a different round of training to have good knowledge of different required digital tools and made proper UAT environments with official user guide book. Later, this gave the organization the ability to serve its customers from different and well-accepted third-party utility apps. Now the organization has come up with customer end-to-end applications with payment integration which give provision for making non-life policies from a digital front. Not only the traditional policies now the organization has increased speed to the Nepalese market with different digital products and services. It's one the first in the market to bundle the policies with industry leaders in fin-tech and telecommunication companies to sell the policies online. Now they are opening up for any new market opportunities enabling their resources for innovation and increasing operational efficiency.

Summarizing this article, any organization should just not go for digital transformation and enterprise application development in Nepal due to market competition and threats but should have a fixed analysis of the gap within the company and basically should understand the cross-team functionalities, most importantly digital transformation is just not one time fix, it just a continuous improvements and adopting day to day different needs and challenges. 

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