Sundarijal-Chisapani-Nagarkot Hike

January 11, 2018 6m read

Rolling out the New year for us EKbanians meant another office trip, to start the year off fresh and head into the new year with vigor and with a stronger bonded team.

This hiking trip was long overdue as our team has grown by a considerable amount since the previous trip. New members and old alike were eager and willing to get to know each other better while relaxing and bonding. It was decided that this trip would be a hike from Sundarijal to Chisapani, stay the night at Chisapani then a long walk to Nagarkot for the night while heading home the day after.

On Friday, the 5th of January at 8 am in morning, 72 of us EKbanians headed to the bus that would take us to Sundarijal where our hike was to begin. A short hour bus ride away we headed towards Sundarijal with focus and determination to walk the steps to Chisapani with the wonderful company of our peers.

We arrived at Sundarijal at 9 am, and with a quick breakfast started our trip uphill toward Chisapani. With many first-time hikers and a few veterans pushing us, we slogged and walked, stair after stair heading uphill. It was tiring, but a self-determining trip for a lot of us.
The team split up into fast walkers and relaxed ones as we made our trip to Chisapani. The grueling pace of some our of peers was hard to keep up with, the author would like to mention that although it was his first hike, he did keep up with the front runners.

Resting, relaxing, singing, and laughing while cursing the landscape and enjoying the scene we reached our final destination of the day. What a sight that was, the sprawling Himalayas in the distance made the 6 hours of grueling hike quite worth it. With tea served and our weary feet rested for the rest of the evening, and after a hearty dinner, the night began.
The laughter that night was probably heard throughout the hills of Chisapani. What a night, a memory worth cherishing, and new friends made for a lifetime.

As morning rolled around, watching the light slowly creep up over the mountains and hills signaled the start of a stunning sunrise scene. Almost all of us EKbanians were up just to watch such a wonderful change of color as the sunlight hit the mountains and gasped with awe. Soon, after pictures were clicked and the morning routines are done. Breakfast was had and the next hike towards Nagarkot hill went underway.

A gruelingly long hike, across multiple hills and hours of walking we stopped for lunch. Filling ourselves to the brim, we were ready for the next step of our journey. With determination, we set forth across the hills, with views that would rival any scenic sight across the world. Up and down we went, across dusty paths till after 5 hours of walking since lunch finally led us to the Nagarkot hills.

Possibly the toughest part for some of us was the last 30 mins of searching for the resort we were going to stay at. Arriving at Chautari Resort led most of us straight to the shower and for a long rest of our tired, aching legs.

The night rolled around and it was time for sitting by the bonfires and enjoying the BBQ while singing and dancing the night away. The cold winds, although biting, did not deter the fun for not a minute. After the BBQ was done, dinner was served at the dining hall. Good food and good company always make for a good time. The dinner devoured most of us headed for the after-party. Having the whole resort to ourselves meant we were set free to be irresponsible adults for a night. Still being adults, just set loose, the laughter and multiple parties in different rooms meant a lively night of grand entertainment. Mafia was being played in one while dancing and singing in the other. A wonderful night, with wonderful company.

Sleep was barely a factor as we woke up the next day in different states of body conditions. The aches and sores started to take effect, and although the quality time spent with our peers and colleagues was well worth the struggle. Home felt like the best option at that particular moment. Breakfast was had and filled our stomachs to the brim. Packing away our things, we made our journey by bus home.

Reflecting back on our journey of struggling uphill and crossing hill after hill, made us realize that through hard work and determination, we can overcome our physical and mental limitations. Pushing ourselves, in our work and always striving for better makes the journey’s end even more fruitful and fulfilling. I truly saw bonding and strengthening of friendships in this journey and feel truly blessed and I am sure many of the team do as well, to be part of such a large caring, and wonderful team.

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