EKbana’s Annual Gala

June 19, 2018 5m read

With the start of the new Nepali year we came upon the time where we would normally undertake in some activity. With the growth in the numbers of our team, taking a trip somewhere became a tall order, logistically. This year it was decided that we should start an Annual Gala.

With our young, talented and enthusiastic team members, the event was organized to showcase talents, recognize achievements, set goals and of course, have fun.

The event kicked off at 5 pm with our pair of lovely hosts introducing the event and a quick message.

With the message of ‘Lets have fun’ the event kicked off in style with a cake cutting celebrate our fourth year and with the hope of forty more!

Our other host joined in to get the talent show started off with a Nepali dance number performed by two of our team members.

With the wonderful performance by our two dancers we moved on to the hosts playing a little game of picking a paper from a bowl and saying something wonderful about the person whose name showed up. With a lot of laughs and sincere acknowledgement we moved on to continue it after another performance.

The next performance entailed a mashup of Nepali songs performed by two of our talented team members of the EKbana team performing songs such as Basanta and Pahilo Junima.

This was followed up by another Bowl Game of ‘Say something about the name you choose’, another hilarious moment shared. The next talent to show up featured two from the Python/Ai team singing, Nepali and Hindi songs.

This followed the continuation of another bowl game, this always led to more laughs and with the drinks flowing led to raucous laughter at times.

The Songs and Dances followed the next bit with breaks with the bowl game, the laughter and joyous merriment seen was quite a heartwarming experience. Seeing the stress of work and the deadline crunch times being washed away was a much needed break for all of our wonderful team mates.

With the talent event enjoyed by all and the drinks flowing slowly but steadily it was time to recognize some of our talented team members for their hard works and determination from throughout the year, an award ceremony saw some very surprised recipients being acknowledged for their deserved works.

The employee award ceremony followed more songs and dances which lead to more food being eaten and drinks being… well, drunk. With thanks to all the participants and team members the event drew to a close. Well this obviously didn't mean the end of the whole gala though, it was time to PARTY!

We not only had a relaxed and enjoyable time with our colleagues it also helped us know more about each individual person in a more personal level, the real gain of knowledge. Thank you EKbana for a great event and a wonderful office culture.

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