At the International Industry Exhibition

November 19, 2019 3m read

On November 15, after our meeting with a client, me along with some of our team members of EKbana Japan went for an unplanned outing to refresh our minds. Unlike the other outings like we did the last month (a tour to fuji mountain), this time it was quiet peculiar as it was something special for our team.

It was neither a picnic nor a nomikai (going out for a drink), but rather an international industry exhibition held near Odaiba which is bit far away from Ueno where our office currently resides.

The exhibition had lots to offer for all the ages of people from youth to the elderly, from students to business men. The exhibition made me personally nostalgic because it reminded of those days when we used to go for different kinds of exhibitions from our school days back in Nepal. I would like to share my experience about this exhibition through this blog.

The three day exhibition that started from November 14, Tokyo International Industry Exhibition was all about Information, environment, healthcare, welfare, machines, metals, machinery, technology, telecommunication and much more.

The main purpose of the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition was to be a platform bringing together the unique small and medium-sized business of the Greater Tokyo Area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa), allowing them to showcase their superb technology and products, and providing opportunities for market expansion, inter-company collaboration, information gathering and exchange, and other business activities.

Exhibitions are an ideal place to start a great business relationship and our digital world gives us the tools to sustain and nurture that relationship over time and Yes, the visit was really fruitful for EKbana as we got to learn a lot from the exhibition about the IT technology, AI, VR, robotic world and more.
There were about 500 plus stalls that had everything from traditional technologies to the cutting-edge technologies of ancient and modern japan. We were not able to visit all the stall because we didn’t have much time but every bit of second, we spent in the exhibition worth a lot to our team.

EKbana Japan would like to visit these kinds of effective events in the future as well so that we can widen our knowledge and introduce ourselves to the world of IT in Japan, scaling our business not only in Nepal and Japan but hopefully throughout the world.

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