Platform Design


Unlock potential of your location data


Dynamic Spatial Data Analysis

Using the power of geospatial analysis, we have made a product that enables you to perform Spatial analysis on the fly. Just by simply drawing on the map you will be able to get a detailed report of the area.


Assets Mapping

In todays fast moving world its important to keep track of the assets that maybe spread across a large area. With pointnemo you will be able to track your assets on an interactive map and will even be able to check its latest statistics.


Hazard Mapping

With Pointnemo you will be able to map any kind of hazards on to the map and get a report on its impact. This makes the planning of action plan much more impactful.


Custom Location App

Versility of pointnemo allows it to be customized as per your needs. This means you will be able to get additional geospatial or normal functions on top of the basic functions provided by Pointnemo.