Platform Design


Making life easier for SMBs

B2B Ecommerce

All Businesses are Unique and do business in their own way, there isnt one magic solution for all. Thats why, Koklass, a customizable business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce platform. Go live with basic function within 2 days and we help you further customize solution based on your business needs making it a perfect solution.


Multi Warehouse

Koklass supports multi warehouse multi city order handling and processing. This inbuilt feature is great need for lots of business who operate in more than one city or have expansion plan.


Custom Mobile App

Koklass comes with iOS and Android mobile app. Customize app with your color, logo and branding. Lets our team handle the rest.


Delivery & Tracking

Koklass comes with integrated delivery and tracking platform. User can easily allocate packages to delivery team and track delivery vans on real time mode.