Challenging the Present, Engineering the Future

Big Data

In a world of data, with petabytes of data travelling through the world every day, The tech world needed a way to convert this stream of data into actionable information. In Ekbana we’re constantly aware of techs and trends that will bring our company to the forefront of the digital world. As such, Big Data and Analytics had been one of our core R&D areas. With many successful implementation of our Big Data Applications and Analytics we see the potential to power business needs with our Big Data integration.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, one of the major achievements of letting machines do the thinking for us. Algorithms that process data and converts that data into information and intelligence for organizations to be able to make effective decisions. The use of Machine Learning to harness data and help us discover unprecedented potential throughout multiple industries . With heuristic knowledge, we can even predict trends of the future!

Natural Language Processing

Understanding speech, and writing is easy for us, for machines to do so requires technology that uses machine learning to analyse every word and every pattern of the usage of that word. Our goal in Ekbana is to teach machines to be able to understand and speak to us the way we would expect a human to interact with each other without any language constraints.


Image Processing

With the digitization of every aspect of our lives, the most vivid and memorable are always the visual representation of our lives. As such, identifying, processing and manipulating digital images are becoming equally important for commercial and business purpose, from self driving cars to emergency aid delivery drones are all reliant on computer vision. At Ekbana, we engineer state of the art solutions that involve computer vision.